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Sock Monster Help Guide

Posted by Darrin Jackson on

Do you have socks with _______ on them?

Maybe! Try using our search bar. If you type "____ socks" in though, you'll get a lot of unrelated results, so leave the "socks" part off!
You can also narrow down what you're looking for with our dropdown menu to sort socks by a range of topics (Food, Animals, Space, etc.) or by Gender, Length, or Brand.
If you still can't find what you want, shoot us an email ( We make decisions about what to carry based partially on what people are looking for. If we know some customers want it, we'll be more likely to get it in the shop.
Are these ALL your socks?
These are all the brands we currently sell online. We carry many more brands in our brick & mortar location, located at 1909 N 45th Street in Seattle. Since our website is still a growing part of our small business, we try to keep it manageable.
Do you have socks for my X-Large feet?
The best socks available on our website for bigger feet are Strideline and Men's Socksmith. In our store, we also carry Dahlgren, Darn Tough, Goodwell, and Stance, which sometimes come in XL sizes.
What brands do you carry?
Our website brands are Sock It To Me, Socksmith, Blue Q, Gumball Poodle, Strideline, Sweet Marcel, and Foot Traffic. For a complete list of brands in our store, please see our Suppliers page.
When will my order arrive?
Once your order ships (usually within one business day), you will receive an email with a tracking number. USPS standard orders typically take between 2-5 days, while Priority Mail is usually between 1-3. Please note that these times can be slightly increased during the holiday season.
If you do not receive a shipment email or if your tracking number does not seem to be working, please email us at

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