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Bandeau, Eco Face Covering Masks

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Bandeau is a  French word meaning "bande" or "strip". It's a garment that looks, in appearance, to be a strip of cloth. It was first worn in ancient Greece. In the first half of the 20th century women used it to bind their hair or as part of a head-dress. 

In this age of Covid this is an easy way to cover your face with out having to tie or fumble with ear loops. It can sit around your neck ready to go or help keep you warm as the weather begins to cool. 

Flip Side Hats is a women owned business located in Portland Oregon that answered the call of Doctors asking for PPE in early April. They are sewn in Oregon with USA-made limited edition, earth friendly products that reduce their and your impact on the planet.


Inches 21 ½ - 23 ½
Centimeters 55 - 60
US Size 6 ¾ - 7 ¼
UK Size 6 ⅝ - 7 ⅛


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