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Meowtropolitan Inc.

It's a The Sock Monster is honored to care products from Meowtropolitan Inc.
We believe in their mission and want to see them succeed!


From Meowtropolitan Inc. About Page 


We further our mission by placing cats in need into nurturing homes, working with cat rescues and shelters, and providing resources to organizations dedicated to improving the lives of cats.

We work with our shelter partner Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) to house cats in our cat lounge with the goal of adopting them out to nurturing homes. We hope to open more cat cafes around the country to provide more comfortable places where cats can meet humans in a casual environment. We use proceeds from our online store to not only provide a fulfilling environment for the cats in our cat lounge, but also for the benefit of cats everywhere. For every sale, we donate a portion to a shelter, rescue, or other charitable organization focused on helping cats and other animals. We want to build our brand on giving and want our customers to feel good about purchases.

In the cat lounge, we strive to educate visitors about cats' needs for loving homes. We have created an entry point for people to create precious interactions and memories with feline friends with the hope to inspire them to adopt or donate to benefit cats in need. At the end of the day, we want to see visitors to the cat lounge with smiles on their faces and love for cats in their hearts.