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Sweat It Out | Women's Crew

Sweat It Out | Women's Crew



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Sweat It Out | Women's Crew Socks

Fits Women's Shoe Size 5-10

Iconic fitness guru Richard Simmons changed the way our moms or grammas worked out! We all know the '80s and '90s are back!! Sweat till you're wet!! with a tribute to the great Simmons.

Novelty socks are constructed to look good and built to last. The high-quality construction gives these socks extra durability and flexibility during wear. For you, this means a pair of socks great for all-day wear, no matter what you're up to. Standing on your feet working, formal events, even lounging around the house - Oooh Yeah's socks are great for any occasion.

Made from premium cotton, these socks are super soft and lightweight, allowing your feet to breathe and stay cool during strenuous activity. The thin, elastic edging around the opening ensures the sock lays flat against your feet and prevents them from sliding down.


65% Cotton, 32% Nylon, 3% Spandex

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold with no bleach and hang to dry.