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Origami Box Style Face Mask w/Comfort Ear Loops - Light-Weight- Breathable

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THE CIVVY FACE MASK - Pandemonium Hats, Handmade in Seattle, WA, USA

Comfort Ear Loops, Cotton Blend Ear Loops help reduce Ear Fatigue. 

(Cotton Loops not shown in the photo)

Box-Style is a flat, seamed box-style mask, with sides that pop out, allowing them to comfortably surround your face.

They are shown in a variety of unique printed fabrics. These masks are an excellent fit for wearing all day with soft, elastic ear loops.

Each mask includes a small wire inside the top edge, allowing a snug, secure fit around the bridge of your nose.

This mask is fully lined with two layers of polypropylene inside, and each mask comes individually wrapped.

Protective Face Masks should be washed every day.  These masks are designed to be washed and dried on high heat, killing any germs.  As a result, these masks should be washed BEFORE you wear it, as they are meant to shrink down to a standard size.  

One size fitting most.

  • Fabric - 100% Cotton
  • Lining - 100% Cotton
  • Inside Filter - 100% Polypropylene (25 gram/light-weight)
  • Machine Wash & Dry on Medium Heat

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