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Origami Box Style Face Mask | Comfort Ear Loops | Cotton

Origami Box Style Face Mask | Comfort Ear Loops | Cotton



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A Sock Monster Exclusive

This mask is the same shape and style as the Origami Box Style Face Mask, but the Comfort Ear Loop Style features soft, stretchy cotton ear loops. The Comfort Ear Loop Style is ideal for mask wearers who wear masks for many hours at a time, or those who suffer from ear fatigue.

About the Masks

THE ORIGAMI BOX-STYLE FACE MASK, handmade in Seattle, WA, USA, is a flat, seamed box-style mask, with sides that pop out allowing them to comfortably surround your face. Shown in a variety of unique printed fabrics. These masks are a great fit for wearing all day with soft, elastic ear loops. Each mask includes a small wire inside the top edge, allowing a snug, secure fit around the bridge of your nose. This mask is fully lined with two layers of polypropylene inside and each mask comes individually wrapped. Protective Face Masks should be washed every day.

Washing Instructions

These masks are designed to be washed regularly, killing any germs.  As a result, these masks should be washed BEFORE you wear it.  One size fits most.  May be washed in cold/warm water.  Hotter wash temps affect sizing.  Before your first wash, try on your mask to check the fit.  If it fits perfect, wash on cold.  If it is too big, wash on hot.

Fabric - 100% Cotton
Lining - 100% Kona Cotton (tested for chemicals, skin-friendly pH factor and has OEKO-TEX® certification)
Inside Filter - 100% Polypropylene (25 gram/lightweight)
Machine Wash & Dry on Medium Heat (heat level affects sizing)

All Sales are Final 

Box Style Face Masks are supplemental protection to be used to stop touching the face. These ARE NOT medical masks. There is no guarantee of protection against any virus or contagious illness. Face Masks are NOT FDA approved, NOT SURGICAL GRADE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT and were manufactured as supplemental masks for daily use. Mask cover use is at the discretion and risk of the wearer or distributor. Upon delivery and breaking of package seal, Pandemonium Millinery/The Sock Monster and all associates are waived.