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Pop-Up Style Face Mask - LARGE

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Now available in a larger size!

These accommodate folks with rounder or longer faces

(Bridge of nose to under the chin)  

THE POP-UP STYLE MASK, handmade in Seattle, WA, USA, is the perfect style for you to breath with ease.

With pop outsides that comfortably surround your face, these masks are great for wearing all day with ample room around your face.

The Pop-Up Style Mask features more of a contour around your nose for a better fit with glasses and provides enough room to wear lipstick without smearing.

Large Pop-Up Style Face Masks are available with your choice of 1/8", soft elastic, adjustable strap styles. Suitable for larger faces/heads!

  • Around the ears, straps have an adjuster for each ear.
  • Each mask includes a small wire inside the top edge, allowing a snug, secure fit around the bridge of your nose. 
  • This mask is fully lined with two layers of polypropylene inside and each mask comes individually wrapped.

Protective Face Masks should be washed every day. These masks are designed to be washed regularly, killing any germs. As a result, these masks should be washed BEFORE you wear it, as they are meant to shrink down to a standard size. 

Face Masks can not be returned and all sales are final.

Fabric - 100% Cotton
Lining - 100% Kona Cotton (tested for chemicals, skin-friendly pH factor and has OEKO-TEX® certification)
Inside Filter - 100% Polypropylene (25 gram/light-weight)
Machine Wash & Dry on Medium Heat

Color matching is close but not exact please request a swatch if color matching.

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