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Why Go Organic or Eco-Friendly? ·

Social responsibility: Chemicals and pesticides invade drinking water and groundwater, polluting its fish, and even reaching human consumption. Organic and eco fibers grow without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. · Biodegradable: Eco and organic fabric biodegrade naturally over time. Synthetic fibers eventually become waste and let off harmful toxins when they degrade. · Health: Many people are allergic or dislike wearing synthetic textiles. Eco fabrics have all the properties of the new synthetic breathable fibers with added softness and drape. They feel better against the skin. · Absorption: Not only do its chemicals reach into our groundwater, but conventional clothing is also worn next to our most porous organ- our skin. Organic and eco-fibers are natural and do not contain irritating chemicals. Many of them are also considered hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial. · Popularity: Organic foods have been around for a while, and it is a natural evolution that organic and eco-friendly fabrics will also gain popularity. Eco and Organic fabrics once considered an alternative is now entering into the mainstream.