Samwise - The Sock Monster


Samwise (he/him) first got into the sock game in the early 2010s when his budding passion for playing dodgeball had him seeking out knee-high socks to compliment his knee pads and jerseys. He was immediately drawn to the bright colors, and unique, playful designs put out by Sock It To Me and MOD Sock (the latter of which is headquartered in Bellingham, WA, where Samwise was living at the time). 

Over the years his needs changed, and while the elegant patterns by MOD, and the bright, playful Sock It To Me designs still have a special place in his heart, he's almost entirely converted to the functional magic of wool, and the brilliant comfort of bamboo. In particular, Darn Tough has taken over his sock drawer, since the naturally anti-microbial merino wool keeps his feet (relatively) fresh, and the Darn Tough Lifetime Guarantee means he never has to worry about destroying his socks on the court again.

Samwise, like many people, also finds joy in decorating his water bottle, laptop, and other objects with stickers. In-store, his favorite by far is Seattle's own Stasia Burrington (insert shameless plug to support local and independent artists here), but you'll find works from just about every artist we carry on his accessories.