Sockwell - The Sock Monster


Feel Better in Style

Your feet deserved better. In fact, they deserved the best. So, Sockwell reinvented the therapeutic sock. They make everything from compression socks to therapeutic relief solutions to everyday comfortable socks. Sockwell brings therapeutic solutions and modern styling to every sock, plus the socks are made in Southeastern USA with Rocky Mountain Merino Wool, which is always as warm OR as cool as you need it! 

Sockwell is also committed to maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible. With products constructed almost exclusively of renewable natural materials and recycled-recyclable packaging, Sockwell strives to do everything they can to protect the planet we live on.

If you have a job or hobby that puts you on your feet a lot, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not giving their compression socks a shot. Need socks that are loose around the top? They've got those, too! Not to mention they also have socks that relieve plantar fasciitis discomfort, which are, simply put, miracle socks. 

So... Make your feet feel swell with Sockwell! 
Sizing Chart

small / medium

4 - 7.5 35 - 38
medium / large 8 - 11 7 - 10 39 - 43
large / extra large 10.5 - 13

44 - 47

extra extra large 13.5 - 16

48 - 50