Xylem - The Sock Monster


At Xylem Organic Clothing, founders, seamstresses and designers Danielle Brodsky and Jazzi Januari combine their passion for personally creating comfortable organic apparel and stylish clothing that reflects their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Xylem prides itself on creating eco-friendly fashion that is organic, elegant and universally accessible. Utilizing stretch comfort, our materials gracefully embrace, accentuate, and complement the unique and true form of a woman’s body.

The organic fabrics used by Xylem are always produced ethically and sweatshop free. They are meticulously hand selected by Danielle and Jazzi for comfort, beauty, and sustainability from the finest providers of eco-friendly soy, organic cotton, hemp, and silk materials.

Danielle and Jazzi are able to produce and maintain the fine, handcrafted quality of organic clothes for which Xylem is famous for by hand cutting each garment and working closely with and personally overseeing a local team of seamstresses. They hand color their garments in small batches, using their own custom mixed, low-impact dyes, and all waste is reduced and recycled responsibly.

As members of Co-op America, a not-for-profit organization that helps ensure the bounty of the Earth is preserved for all the generations to come, Xylem respects and practices their high standard for a truly green and eco friendly business. With both our eyes and hearts looking to nature, Xylem offers handcrafted organic apparel that epitomizes Natural Elegance and Beauty in Balance.