Wool - The Sock Monster


Great absorbency

It has a unique hydrophilic ability to wick away excess moisture. It wicks moisture away from the body and evaporates it into the air. This property is a significant advantage in favor of wool when compared to other textiles. This can keep a person warm when wearing wool because wool removes moisture from the skin.

Insulating capacity and Climate control

I am quite surprised to learn that wool does not just keep you warm; it can also keep you cool in summer. This is because of its insulating property, which keeps your body at an optimal temperature. It can keep you in comfort, whatever is the temperature outside. When it is cold outside, it can trap dry air and warmth near the skin. When it is warm outside wool pulls excess heat and moisture from your skin helping your body stay cooler.

Built-in U V Protection

Like a tightly woven fabric, it protects your skin from UV radiation to a degree.

Water repellent

Wool has scales in its fibers, and they repel water droplets. This is more so because of lanolin inherent in wool. It is water-resistant and repels light rain or snow.

Natural wrinkle resistance and recovery

When wool fibers are stretched, they will bounce back to their original shape. This recovery property helps in fighting creases and wrinkles. This is especially true when it is dry rather than wet. It is easy to remove wrinkles in wool with steam pressing.

Resilient and durable

Wool fibers can bend back on themselves more than 20,000 times without breaking – this makes it resistant to wear and tear. Wool fabrics can last for a long time. It resists abrasion and tearing, making it wear well.


As a natural textile, wool is non-allergenic in its natural state. If it has special finishing applied to it, the story is different. Mothproofing chemical is one such chemical added which can turn wool to a super allergy-inducing fabric.

Beautiful Looks

Wool fabric has a natural luster, a gloss or sheen, which is very desirable. It takes dye well and can retain colors for a long time. The color will not fade easily unless exposed to direct sunlight. Well-tailored wool drapes beautifully on the body especially thin wool-like wool batiste and wool challis.

Sustainable fabric

As concerns for the environment is big nowadays the fact that wool is renewable and can be obtained again and again from sheep and other animals are one big thing in its favor. It is a biodegradable fiber that will degrade completely in soil rather than remain as it is like synthetic fabrics.

Natural fire-retardant property

Natural wool can resist flame to a degree, more so than cotton or synthetic textiles.

Resists static, dirt and dust and even mildew

Lint, dirt, and dust are not attracted to wool because it repels static. As said it even resists spills.

Natural mildew and mold resistance.

Because its fibers can let moisture pass through it without retaining it resists mildew.

Care & maintenance

Unless it is specifically mentioned “dry clean only” you can hand wash woolen garments at home – just be wary of hot water. Heat does not agree well with wool – remember heat and agitation leads to felting of the wool. Other things to take care of are hot iron, alkali-based stains, and moths.