Envirosax - The Sock Monster


You've heard all about "Going Green" in the last decade. You may carry your reusable bag wherever you go, or you may be entirely new for this change. Everyone is at a different stage in the "reusable walk," - and we get that.

Envirosax has been the leader in the reusable bag industry for 15 years - actually nearly 16! That was before a journalist once coined the phrase, "Going Green", before governments realized plastic in the oceans was causing harm to marine life and before recycling bins were even a thing. Hard to imagine? 

But one thing is constant, and that is Envirosax's quality. The founders are still using the same bags from the original batch run of prototypes! Their bags are made to last and to replace 1500 plastic bags per year. They do not compromise on quality and still follow the same formula they did 16 years ago with quality fabric and stitching, printed with eco-friendly dyes.

Oh, and they do not believe in "Fast Fashion". They know who makes their bags, They are transparent in their factories and they pay their workers a fair wage. This is one aspect of the fashion industry that they are passionate about. Envirosax is something that you can feel good about in so many ways.

It's all about you. But it's also about the environment. If they can help you to reduce waste and plastics that are destroying the environment, then they know they have done their job.

With over 15 years in the eco-industry, the team behind Envirosax understands better than anyone how harmful plastics are to the oceans. And they once set out to fix this problem - in the most stylish way!